In every woman there lives the goddess shining in her knowledge and compassion. With every living goddess there lives the story, a tale of mythic proportion, a journey, to know love and to understand oneself. The wisdom in these stories comes from women ages 20 - 80 years of age, in their stories they share their most intimate truths, as well as bare their bodies to honor the deep beauty of the feminine form and the healthy expression of their sexuality. It is a true honor to connect with these woman and it is my hope that their stories and the project teachings will give the reader insight and meaning into the truth of their own beautiful BE-ing. Please join our FACEBOOK page for updates as this project is birthing.

Mary Spicer - Soul Story of the Living Goddess

Read A Few Interview Excerpts from the Soul Story of the Living Goddess Book Project

The images vary from close hip crops to full body shots, most of the images here describe the Heart & Hip section.
Kali: 40 Years on Earth - Earth Protector, Accepting Love, Dance, Independence, Truth

In a deep relationship you have to be honest about who you are and when you are honest about who you are it connects you with everything, it connects you with the planet, it connects you with the universe. On some level nothing is separate and by healing yourself and being truly - who you are - you are healing your life, you are healing the people around you, you are healing the earth.

My partner loves me, it is amazing to be loved by someone unconditionally. Being worthy of such love is scary because to accept such love, you have to be in integrity with your deepest being. You cannot play games; deep love takes you to the core. It is transforming. To learn to accept love you have to love yourself and to receive love on a deep level is really beautiful. I think it has to do with self-esteem and I don't know anyone that does not have self-esteem issues.

All women are beautiful when they belly dance. Big hips, big belly, it is the big that works really nice. The first thing that I teach in a class is to love yourself. Once a person loves who they are, it does not matter what size they are, they look beautiful! I really love ethnic dance as it embraces all body types, you have big hips, long legs, short legs, small hips, all of it is beautiful and in dance you are celebrating your body.

Some women do not love themselves enough. They do not love their bodies. I have had women call me up and say, "I am so fat, I can’t take a dance class." Then they walk into the class and they are not fat, they are totally normal." Even if they were huge - dance anyway, they have a totally lopsided image of who they are. Some think they should be thinner and younger.

I do not think that beauty is thin and young. I went up this summer to see the Bristol Cone Pines, the oldest trees in the world. They are five to six thousand years old. They were beautiful and old. They were perfect proof that there is so much beauty in age and we all need to embrace that.

DeVa: 24 Years on Earth - Trust, Surrender, Vulnerbility, Deep Wisdom

Years ago, I wasn’t a no person. I think that led to my promiscuity when I was 17. You have to remember that I wasn’t getting any affection. I would compromise myself not having a good time because I wasn’t sure of the emotions I was having. Promiscuity was my thing because I could assert myself, I could be bigger than people, I could have sex with them and not form any emotional attachment. I’m still fighting a lot of stuff, like trying to find out more about intimacy. But I’m identifying what I want and what I need. I’m at the point where I’m looking for affection more than just sex.

It took a while to get to the point of actually wanting a commitment. It took a lot of hurt feeling. It took a whole year of not having anything to do, not having school and becoming depressed. I had to come to grips with who I was. It was so difficult having to really get inside my own self’s skin. I’m still coming to grips with the person I am and the person I want to be and how they conflict at times. Having to deal with me was one of the scariest things I think I’ve ever done. I had to sit with that ache. Again, it goes back to being vulnerable, and I’m just so scared of being vulnerable.

I’m a young black woman who has been inundated with unhealthy stereotypes that created this false dichotomy in me of white women being pure and black women not being that way. It was subconsciously enforced in the more conservative environment that I live in; it’s been really hard for me to reconcile myself to my individuality. If you get groomed to seek affirmation as validation, you see the standard images in the media; on the outside I’m very ambivalent towards them. When you see a certain body type always on the magazine covers or you see that men will double-take at certain girls; you suddenly through affirmation think that is what’s correct, that’s what’s right, that’s the ideal, that’s what we should strive for. And I don’t think you have to consciously consent to it; it just happens to you, because there’s a true desire to be wanted and needed, you know?

Miele: 52 Years on Earth - Self Love, Embodied Feminine, Courage & Cancer, Creator

I was not really receptive to sex, I was raised an Irish Catholic, so the whole thing about taboos around sex was ingrained in me from toddlerhood. My older sister, matured quite a bit younger than me so she started her menstrual cycle I want to say 10 or 11. I was 15. I could see the reaction that she was getting from my parents, and the universe at large about looking like a grown-up woman. I was not receptive to that energy. I think I just wanted to be like my brother and be left alone. I think, as I have had breast cancer, and I have lost a breast. I have lost hair. I have just recently lost one of my ovaries, my partner says, I am systematically losing everything that has identifed me as a woman, but now I am becoming more of a woman.

I realized this when I was losing my menstrual cycle and these other markers of femininity. I was surprised by how much I was mourning it, because I was so hesitant in becoming a woman. I told my mom that I identified more with my male side. I had no problems running in that world, both professionally and throughout my life. When I had my first child, it was the first time I really was taken to my knees and realized how amazing it is to be a woman. It was just so beautiful and such a wonderful bonding experience. It was healing for that female part of me. Suddenly, it was okay to be a woman.

I met a health practitioner at a retreat and she said, "Sweetheart this cancer is the best opportunity of your life" and I thought, I do not see that. Well, I literally called her a year later and said, "I cannot tell you how right you were." I know that the cancer came from a lot of deep-seated fear, anger, and resentment. I have been given this huge opportunity to let go, change, and love who I am. It has been a deep gift.

Anne: 75 Years on Earth - Chocolate Orgasm, Rule Breaker, Grandmother, Healer, 1950's

Back then, in the 1950s, women were housewives and mothers. One or two radical souls might go to college but women primarily went to college to find a man and get married. Sex was all hidden and it wasn’t talked about. Women were not supposed to be sexual, and certainly you weren’t supposed to be orgasmic.

You grew up suppressing everything: your own power, and your own grace, and your own ideas about life. Back then, there were nice girls and then there were other girls who men had sex with. Those other girls were considered really bad. So the whore and the virgin split was absolute. If you had a lot of sexual energy you hid it. I enjoyed sex right away and my husband was angry about that. But it was orgasmic intercourse. He said I shouldn’t enjoy it so fast because it meant that I was loose. That’s just the way it was at that time.

In an orgasm, I think your body comes together and you touch spirit in a profound way. Sex is one of the paths to meeting God. When I have had a good orgasm my whole body melts and I rise up into another realm and then I come back like warm chocolate and I melt right into the person I am having sex with…that’s a good orgasm. After that there’s no judgment about anybody or anything. You just feel love, you feel compassion, understanding and there is tremendous softness about life.

For a time, I had an absolutely magnificent lover. I used to go into New York City to the Waldorf Hotel and meet my lover and we would have sex in my hotel room and spend the night together. The day after, as I was leaving town I always went through Grand Central Station. It was as if I were shooting sparks. I would walk through the station and one man would say, “Hello, would you like to drink?” I said, “No, thank you.” Then another man would approach me and say something similar. I had no desire to be with anybody but it was so much fun, I was on fire.

Bhakti: 55 Years on Earth - Crone Wisdom, Self Worth, Joy, Emotional Integrity

Water teaches us to be fluid and I love that message. I love to take the water with me when I am not in it to help me be fluid in life. To be watery is a very feminine way to be yielding and yet powerful.

I'm going through this transition of leaving Hawaii and moving back to the mainland. It's hard because it means letting go of a dream. I wanted to sustain myself doing healing work as part of this vibrant community center and it didn’t play out that way. So there's some grieving going on for me and a familiar story is being reactivated—the story of me not being able to take care of myself.

During my 25 years of marriage, I didn’t pay the bills and I never did the taxes. When I was young and really open and vulnerable, my father voiced things that were negative about my abilities. So that negativity shows up for me now as a pattern creating a fear that I can’t take care of myself, I'm not good with money, or I can’t make a living as an artist. Even though I don’t totally believe it, I have to work with that part of me that is wounded and sometimes thinks all those things might be true.

In the past, I would have tried to counter that with a positive statement or an affirmation. But now, I am getting my voice. If I dive into that space, I fall into the fullness of experiencing that feared emotion. It's like opening the closet door on the boogeyman. I am dispelling its power over me. I have had a lot of training in my life to be positive, positive, positive. It’s high time to hear the other side of the story. It’s high time to listen deeply to my body’s needs for more rest, more quiet, or more nurturing; to ask for what I need; and to honor the profound sensitivity in this passage to the other side of menopause. The truth is, I feel more clear, more powerful, more abundant, more generous to myself, more capable of showing up and being present than I ever have in my life.

Project Overview

Soul Stories of the Living Goddess is created for both women and men to inspire self-love and acceptance, honor the inner creative, understand the beautiful nature of one's body, listen to one's inner wisdom, trust what we feel, and open the dialogue on sex and what it means to be a woman. Courage, compassion, connection, touch, authenticity, worthiness, self-love, and acceptance are the core concepts of this project.

There are several components to this project that are in the works; A photo and interview book that has beautiful images honoring woman’s bodies along with interviews that go deep into their Soul Story. The book is still in the process of creation with a third phase coming to the project.

A learning program that is offered to private groups, organizations, festivals, and colleges to empower and open dialogue about sex, body love, and self-acceptance. This program has a slide show presentation of the Soul Stories and some key learnings and ideas about creativity, self-love, sensuality, and the inner relationship. Participants delve into their own creativity and sexuality with fun body-based initiations and meditations/imaginations that are geared to open and honor the magic of the body and create a loving connection to the sensual soul. The end of the program is finished by empowering participants to share some of their Soul Story.

Who We Are

Mary Spicer and Gigi Stoll met 25 years ago when they were both professional models. Since then, they have had a good friendship that has seen them through the ups and downs of their own Soul Stories.

Mary Spicer is the creator of the Soul Stories Project, she has been empowering both women and men on how to trust who they are, connect deeply into their sensual soul, believe in their creative expression and embrace their BIG self as an Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She teaches classes and meditations using the creative imagination, energy healing and shamanic techniques to help clients connect into the root and soul of any change they want to create in their life. Before practicing Energy Medicine, Mary launched her design career at WIRED magazine and then went on as Creative Director to co-found Red Industries, a web design and development agency in San Francisco. In her free time, she worked on right's organizations with Gloria Steinem, and helped to co-create a group that teaches women how to achieve success in politics and government.

To find out more about this project or if you have some inspirations, connections, ideas and/or funding please contact mary at or

Gigi Stoll is the photographer for the Soul Stories Project. Based in New York, Gigi shoots everything from searing images of life in distressed areas of the world to fine art nudes to the haute couture of New York and Paris. Her work has appeared in French, Japanese, and British Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair, and InStyle. To see more of Gigi's work, visit

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